Danae is a womenswear brand founded in 2022 by Faidra Tzedakis, who has worked for companies such as Sandy Liang and R13. Tzedakis immigrated to the US from Rhodes, Greece with her parents to fulfill her lifelong dream of going to the Fashion Institute of Technology and working in the Fashion Industry in New York City in 2015. She decided to start her label, named after her mother Danai Tzedaki, with the mission to design and create something that would not only showcase the beauty of other women that she always admired, but would also create a community that gives back to her island and country. 

Every garment is currently made to order in New York but our biggest goal is to create a factory in Greece that would partially also do our production. The reason behind this is to employ women who lost their jobs in the industry during the Greek economic crisis, which forced many factories to close their doors or move to neighboring countries' and therefore these women/skilled professionals, don't have an industry to return to. We can't wait to be able to work with them one day. 

Our intention with every production, is bringing fair wages and craftsmanship first, and it's just as important to us to support small factories in New York as well as igniting a light to the industry in Greece.

By supporting us, you are supporting the garment district in New York as well as fulfilling our dream of trying to restore the Garment Manufacturing Industry in Greece.


" I have so many dreams of what Danae could be. My culture and heritage have been misrepresented many times in fashion; used to make profit for companies that in no way give anything back to Greece or its people. I can’t wait to use Danae as an outlet for me to showcase all the true beauty (our villages, our people, our past and present) that I know we have to offer.  To do that by creating quality clothes which is something I've dreamed of doing since I can remember myself, would be the most fulfilling outcome out of each drop from this company I've created and have high hopes for. Without the glamorization and deduction of a whole country to a glamorous Santorini wedding destination. I hope your view of our past isn’t just experienced in encaged stollen statuses at your city's museum, but by visiting and experiencing our people and our food and our land and sea. And I really hope we can create a community that gives back! With much love and respect always 💙 "

-Faidra @faidratzedakis