Our Goals / Organizations we can't wait to support

Listed below are two organizations that we are hopeful to donate to with our proceeds. Come back to this page for updates and the work we will achieve together!

For both Organizations, proceeds will go towards families that have been impacted by the crisis of Covid-19, unemployment and the Greek Economic Crisis as well as the Refugee Crisis Greece is currently facing. 

Our founder, Faidra Tzedakis was a volunteer for the Red Cross throughout all her teen years and knows first hand the beautiful and very important work they do for her island, Rhodes. 

On the other hand, the Saint Sophia Organization is a non-profit operated by civilians who's goal is simple, to help their people. Our goal is to gather enough money to help with their transportation of first aid goods and food to families who need it. 

Both organizations are very close to our hearts and we can't wait to support them in any way we can! 


Red Cross in Rhodes, Greece

Check out their Instagram Page

Hellenic Red Cross Website


Non Profit Charity Organization - Saint Sophia (in Rhodes, Greece)

Check out their Facebook Page



Disclaimer: We deeply believe that there are so many causes, industries, countries and people worth of help and equality and we fully acknowledge that Greece is not the only country hurting by the world crisis and issues humanity is facing right now. We also believe that the U.S.A is a country of immigrants that have the ability to help, and we encourage you to imagine how our world would look like if every designer/business owner gave back to their homeland. We'd have a whole different industry, maybe a more beautiful world. We hope that one day we're able to help more causes and we do not exclude anything from our future goals and plans. If you have an organization close to your heart, please email us for future consideration at faidra@danaethebrand.com